dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Pretty as a Swastika.

We mentioned some times ago the mysterious French band Glaciation… Well, the band plays with anonymity and pursues the tradition of some Black Metal bands to stay in the dark, and to never expose themselves.  Of course it excites curiosity… They hit something thanks to their aesthetic pilgrimage. Their unusual methods cause much ink to flow… 

All about this is very cleverly settled up. And we're not surprised to discover that behind this there is Metastazis. The Paris based design studio has been founded by Jean-Emmanuel Simoulin aka Valnoir. And even not much surprised to learn that Glaciation is Valnoir's own band (he played bass guitar before in The CNK). All makes sense. 
And finally, this great Waitan's poster we already talked about, is one of Metastazis' productions. 
But Valnoir has more than one sting to his bow. He gives lectures as a graphic designer (as in Ljubljana) and participates to art exhibition as an artist.

Valnoir photographed by William Lacalmontie for the Gewaltkunstwerk show.

At the moment, you'll have to go to Norway to notably see his work in an intriguing martial exhibition called GewaltKunstWerk, held at the Kristiansand Kunsthalle until 12/31.

The Gewaltkunstwerk's poster designed by Valnoir.... an homage to Pierre Pinoncelli ?

Exploring the notion of terrorism and giving to artists the status of soldiers, this show curated by Cornelius Jakhelln (who, apart of being a curator, is also a writer working on Nazi Jihad, and a musician in the band Sturmgeist) deals with violence, subversion and politics. It's a courageous and ambitious project even if the subject might be tendencious. That's great to let art as a free space and in the same time questioning some of the most taboo themes (notably thanks to the seminar about extremism in music). And moreover, It's always a pleasure to admire great works of art like Dennis Rudolph's utopian engravings (one of his painting is exhibited at the moment in Paris at the Olivier Robert Gallery) and Sindre Foss Sckanke's powerful paintings.


The idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk is still a great fantasy for art. Some artists, by mixing art, music, and performances, are closed to the Wagnerian will. Valnoir proves that French artists have a voice, but maybe more convincing when concerning Black Metal.

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