mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Happy Artloween 2

Contemporary Art flirting with Halloween...

Friedrich Kunath Distance, 2012
Figure: Watercolor on aqua resin and styrofoam, telephone cable, cotton, imitation fruit
Base: Enamel on MDF © Friedrich Kunath

James GordonStone the Bloody Crow, 2012
25 x 25 cm, French Paper

Nicolas Darrot, Muad'dib, 2012
Silicon elastomer, PLA.

Peter Kohler, Witching Hour, 2009
Ink and varnish on MDF

Haim SteinbachUntitled (cabbage, pumpink, cabbage n°1), 1987
Mixeds media construction

Irena knezevicThe Oath, 2006, 
ceiling size light-box, dimensions variable

Luigi Presicce, Poker, 2005
Oil on canvas

Andrea Mastrovito, The last Man, 2012
works on paper

Saskia Edens, Make-up, 2008
video 18'11


Nell, Some of the things I AM, 2011
 Image courtesy of Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery and © the artist

Andy Warhol, Witch, Myths Suite II.261, 1981
screen print acrylic

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