jeudi 30 mai 2013

Gisèle Vienne - The Pyre: Leçons de Ténèbres.

What happens when you mix: 

- the final scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey with the final scene of Enter the Void
- Onryo with Narcissus
- Banks Violette with G.R.A.V.
- The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things with the George Miles cycle
- Stephen O'Malley with Peter Rehberg
- Les Démoniaques dans l'art with The Accursed Share
- Jean-Luc Verna's poses with Maenads
- Pink Moon with Saturn
- an overpowered body with an uncertain one
- freeze fame with silence
- magic with magick
- total beauty with total despair
- brutalism with brutality
- Sodom with Gomorrah
- Bring Me the Disco King with a Dead-Disco Dead-Queen
- Méliès/DeMille/Dreyer/Rossellini/Preminger/Bresson/Rivette's Joan of Arc with Donkey Boys (including Julien)
- sculpture with life
- Von Stuck's Lucifer with Von Stuck's The Sin with Von Stuck's The Innocence with Von Stuck's The Murderer with Von Stuck's Pieta with Von Stuck's Portrait of Frau Feez
- the End with the Beginning?

Well, let's say you can bet that it starts smoking, crackling, then burning.