mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Happy Artloween 2

Contemporary Art flirting with Halloween...

Friedrich Kunath Distance, 2012
Figure: Watercolor on aqua resin and styrofoam, telephone cable, cotton, imitation fruit
Base: Enamel on MDF © Friedrich Kunath

James GordonStone the Bloody Crow, 2012
25 x 25 cm, French Paper

Nicolas Darrot, Muad'dib, 2012
Silicon elastomer, PLA.

Peter Kohler, Witching Hour, 2009
Ink and varnish on MDF

Haim SteinbachUntitled (cabbage, pumpink, cabbage n°1), 1987
Mixeds media construction

Irena knezevicThe Oath, 2006, 
ceiling size light-box, dimensions variable

Luigi Presicce, Poker, 2005
Oil on canvas

Andrea Mastrovito, The last Man, 2012
works on paper

Saskia Edens, Make-up, 2008
video 18'11


Nell, Some of the things I AM, 2011
 Image courtesy of Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery and © the artist

Andy Warhol, Witch, Myths Suite II.261, 1981
screen print acrylic

mercredi 24 octobre 2012

Blitzkrieg Bop-Art.

After working with Neil Young for the art cover of the album Americana in late june, Shepard Fairey works as a curator. He stages an exhibition of an unexpected artist : Dee Dee Ramone!
Dee Dee Ramone : A memorial exhibition will take place at the Subliminal Project Gallery (owned by Fairey!) in LA.
Even if the guitar bass player of the legendary Ramones started to paint just few years before he died, and even if he there is no real artistic value, it's always intriguing to discover these.
Ten years after he passed away, it remains something of his incredible intensity, his sense of humor and irony.
Too bad the title is a little bit solemn.

lundi 1 octobre 2012

What happened to Cheap Monday?

Play to find the differences between:

the old logo:
 and the new logo:

of the Swedish brand.....
Not that easy, right?

Is it what we call a conversion.... to capitalism?

Considération inactuelle 8 : Arte, la télé qui vous allume.